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Reinvigoration of writing 

2018 is here! And it's been way, way too long since I have caught and crafted the words that are swirling around in my head, out them down to virtual paper, and hit publish.  After just getting caught up in work, parenting, and well, life, I let my website blog's hosting lapse since I didn't write for so long. It makes me a bit wistful: I'm sure a lot of the ordinary things that I did in the last year or two were truly worth writing about if even just for me to remember later.

The most extraordinary thing…

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Tale of the Mistaken Meowing Elvis  

Spring is finally in the air. Even though you still need the warmth of a scarf around your neck, the sun is melting away the last few traces of slush and we decided it’d be nice to go for a walk on my lunch hour.  Through the neighbourhood to (one of) our local Tim Horton’s, grab a sandwich and coffee, then circle back home.So we set out along the road and arrived at Tim’s.  I waited outside and watched Herman charm all of the passer’s by going in and out of the shop.  And waited.  I noticed a heavy-set man…

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