Reinvigoration of Writing 

2018 is here! And it's been way, way too long since I have caught and crafted the words that are swirling around in my head, out them down to virtual paper, and hit publish.  After just getting caught up in work, parenting, and well, life, I let my website blog's hosting lapse since I didn't write for so long. It makes me a bit wistful: I'm sure a lot of the ordinary things that I did in the last year or two were truly worth writing about if even just for me to remember later. 

The most extraordinary thing that happened in 2018 in fact, was the birth of my second child in November.  A sweet, calm, chubby little fellow who we named Oliver. And this is likely the catalyst that I think will get me writing again. Partly being off on maternity leave for a year, but also that the little moment in the life of this little boy won't go unnoticed and forgotten by me. I have the worst memory. 

So here we go again. The plan is to write out new posts as they come and also fill in archives by bringing over my old posts and photos. As soon as I started thinking about this, all kinds of new ideas popped into my head - exciting! 

Happy 2018 everyone.  It's going to be a memorable year!

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