Daydream Resort and Whitehaven Beach

After our trip out to the Great Barrier Reef, we wanted a day of relaxing by the beach.  We booked a trip to Daydream Island and then Whitsunday Island, and set off bright and early Saturday morning.  The first stop was Daydream island, around 9:30am.  The air was still slightly cool, but the sun was warm and the day fresh and inviting.  We got off the boat and walked around the stunning resort.  It has a little lagoon with bright, huge sting rays, and a few sharks, and we watched those for a bit before grabbing a latte and wandering around the resort. 

We took a walk through across the island through a rain forest, and it climbed up and up, with great views and information placards about the wildlife and trees, until we arrived at the beach on the other side of the island called Lover\'s Cove. We both loved the rugged rocks and somewhat rough coast line fading into turquoise blue water. 

A few people were in the water and snorkelling but one nice thing about visiting off season meant that it was pretty quiet and peaceful.  Tyler climbed over the black rocks and settled in to do a little writing, while I gazed out at the water, and relaxed and read for awhile. 

Instead of sand, the beach was made up of white and grey rocks and bits of coral, so it was a little rough to walk on but very pretty. 

We had lunch at the resort's Mermaid Cafe and it was pretty good.  The view was amazing, the weather was perfect, and we could have spent much more time there.  But, the afternoon was creeping up on us and so we hopped back on the ferry to go to Whitehaven beach - Australia\'s more beautiful beach, supposedly.  It took a good hour to get there, and then we got onto a little boat that brought us closer to the shore.  We all had to put on full body stinger suits to wade through the water off the boat, in case there were jelly fish, and we felt pretty silly wearing them. 

Whitehaven beach is unbelievably beautiful. It may be the world's prettiest beach - definitely the most beautiful one I have ever seen.  I don't think my photos can do it justice. The water was crystal clear and a stunning blue, and the sand is mostly silica, so even though the sun beat down brightly on it, it stayed soft and cool under our feet. It even squeaked as we took steps across the sand.  We didn't do much - waded in the water for awhile, then relaxed under the sun, laying against the super fine sand. 

The time flew by and soon we had to re-board the boat to head back to Abel Marina on Airlie beach, and home. We had a good time talking to the crew members - I fixed one guy's cell phone for him (a fellow crew member had set it to french while he was on shore) and he was telling us about all the other practical jokes they played on each other. We also caught another lovely sunset from the deck of the boat. 

We were tired out from doing nothing in the sun all day, and just grabbed a quick bite at McDonalds (Mackers, they call it here)  and headed home to pack up for our departure the next morning.  Airlie Beach was fun because of the trips we took out to the stunning islands, but I am feeling ready to move on to another town. Next up is Noosa, along the Sunshine coast!

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