Tale of the Mistaken Meowing Elvis

Spring is finally in the air. Even though you still need the warmth of a scarf around your neck, the sun is melting away the last few traces of slush and we decided it’d be nice to go for a walk on my lunch hour.  Through the neighbourhood to (one of) our local Tim Horton’s, grab a sandwich and coffee, then circle back home.So we set out along the road and arrived at Tim’s.  I waited outside and watched Herman charm all of the passer’s by going in and out of the shop.  And waited.  I noticed a heavy-set man with black, fuzzy mutton chop sideburns and greased hair walking across the parking lot, carrying a stack of CDs in one hand.   

He stopped after one glance at Herman’s wagging tail, stooped down and petted, rubbed, and crooned over him, telling me how he wished he could have a dog because he loved them so much, but they made his breathing difficult. 

Into the coffee shop he went, singing under his breath, and I turned and noticed the van he’d just gotten out of: Elvis tribute artist! Now touring Canada! I guess an Elvis of later years, but still. He made a few more trips out to his vehicle, getting a pack of photos and another pile pf CDs, and on his last walk by, he stopped and teased Herman some more, making cat sounds – meowing and meowing. He was a pretty good mimic, making Herman’s ears pricked up and his head swivel, thinking for sure there was a kitty nearby.   

I laughed, and off he sauntered.  The next moment, a lady came out the same door, grinning and she waved at Herman, then asked me, “Did he bark at you?”  Confused, I made an ummmm? noise.  In response, she nodded towards the van plastered with words about Elvis the great, and I laughed, assuming she was with our impersonator friend, and told her, “No, he was meowing, actually!”   

She looked a little puzzled, but didn't say anything else, walked over to the van and then…got into the car beside it.  As she backed out, I could see a little dog’s head pop up in the window.   

So, of course she had meant her dog.  Of course!  And even if she hadn’t left, how could I possibly explain?  Well, when you came out of the store and asked if you dog noticed mine sitting here, I assumed you were talking about the meowing Elvis impersonator.  Hmm. Just one of those things.

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