Getting Back on the Mat

I’ve been working hard lately.  I get absorbed in what I'm doing, slipping on earphones to block everything out, and I sit.  I work.  This is great but what I need more of is a way to stretch out, take breaks, and refocus. One of my favorite ways to unwind is yoga!  I was never an athletic or even coordinated person.  But I get yoga.  It works for a lanky, long-limbed person like me.

So I busted out my yoga mat from it’s neglected corner, crammed it in between my bed and the desk, giving my bedroom/ home office another use: yoga studio.  I can’t always stretch out fully to the right, but I can make do.  My co-worker Desi suggested I check out Yoga with Adrienne for a great series of videos to do at home.  I was SO glad that I did!  I had a hard time connecting at first, following along and thinking about my breath and the moves.  I let my thoughts swirl onto grocery lists and whether the dog went out.  But I kept trying, and made myself work on it.

I adore Adrienne's sweet, sometimes goofy style.  She said: "take some time to yourself," and I thought yes! This. Taking that 20 or 30 minute time to stretch and focus on myself.  I should be cleaning up dishes or picking up toys, folding laundry, sure - but this little chunk of time isn’t a waste.  And the more I do it, the easier it is to work it in.

Is it the hour long, sweat inducing exercise that makes my muscles groan and grin later?  Not really.  But doing these videos in piece meal chunks means I’m actually doing it. I can do these on my lunch break, or before bed.  I can take an extra hour here or there and challenge myself to get more fit, and feel more healthy.  I’m excited about it!

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